Jen Tracy

Jen Tracy, Curator of #cuteshit

Good design is my destiny.

I’ve always had a hawk-eye for the details around me. The little things other people don’t see, the areas that could use improvements & the array of new items to be designed. My life has been a production house of “Jen Tracy” creations. 

After so many years of hearing it, I've concluded that my middle name might as well be “cute.” 

Jenifer. Cute. Tracy.

I've realized that good design is my destiny. It simply  is WHO I AM and it bleeds into every area of my life. I get excited to create things and make the world around me look better.

I run my graphic design studio, JENCO CREATIVE with excitement. In building it I have brought everything that is within me into the work I do. I like to have fun in life, I love people & and french bulldogs (a lot)  and I really like to nap. 

My passion for #cuteshit brings me much happiness, and I'd like to share that happiness with you. 

xoxo, Jen Tracy!